An Innovative and Consumer-centric Retail Experience Platform

Technology-powered Experiences


With online ordering (in-store pickup) and remotely managed products displays, we will leverage our teams’ deep experience in retail technology to establish TRUE ROOTS as the first software-powered retailer in Massachusetts, creating interactive shopping experiences that are mutually beneficial for consumers and manufacturers alike. Customers shopping at TRUE ROOTS will be able to discover, buy, and engage with products while being educated by highly trained TRUE ROOTS team members.

Superior Products & Service


We will leverage our teams’ experience and successes in the consumer packaged goods space and grocery retail by employing a high-touch, knowledgeable staff, and providing consumers with access to wholesome, transparent, and sustainably sourced products. Our highly trained wellness team will be focused on creating trust in the TRUE ROOTS brand through education and a deeply personalized shopping experience, serving as a platform for future expansion.

Product “Farmer’s Market” Showcase

In addition to ecofarm brands, TRUE ROOTS will feature the products that ecofarm is developing on behalf of it’s contract manufacturing partners. These farmer’s market inspired store-within-a-store boutiques will generate additional revenue through the monetizing of products and retail floor space. This first-of-its kind cannabis market will offer exciting new products on a rotating basis, providing a level of excitement, curiosity, and exploration to encourage frequent repeat visits.

Highly Trafficked Retail Location at the Intersection of Two Major Routes with Highway Access

Licensing status and timeline to operations

Target date for operations

Q3 2020

Average cars per day


Total project cost


Our Leading Retail Partnership Network
is already Under Development

We have begun to develop our retail partnership network comprised of the leading dispensaries in the state. From multi-state national brands to independently owned and operated outlets, ecofarm will be the trusted source of cannabis products and services to hundreds of locations.

Ecofarm, LLC