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The Beard Brothers

Co-directors of Cultivation and Extraction

Bill and Jeff  Levers are co-founders and owners of one of the most well known, well respected, and sought after brands in the industry, Beard Bros. Just as everything in cannabis starts from the plant, their stellar reputation was built first by cultivating some of the finest, connoisseur grade indoor flower in the country over the course of the last decade. 


Since moving to California in 2011, they’ve diligently worked to expand their imprint on the industry by securing licensed distribution and manufacturing operations in Los Angeles. They also established Beard Bros Media in 2018, a grassroots media entity that has quickly become the most trusted source of information among many industry leaders. 


Their past experiences in horticulture and operations management combined with an understanding of the untapped potential of data collection and analysis leaves them in a unique position to drive performance while maximizing efficiency. Bill and Jeff are  excited to be coming back to the East coast where they are originally from. 

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